Creating a Token with "Account Filter Lists" permission

It looks like the docs haven’t been updated since Lists were added.

Does anyone know what the ID for the “Account Filter Lists” permission is please?

I’ve looked at the Audit Log but the “Token update” event doesn’t actually say what got updated.

Brain-fail day - the solution is obvious: create one in the UI, list it from the API.

The answer for anyone that finds this is:

"permission_groups": [
    "id": "2edbf20661fd4661b0fe10e9e12f485c",
    "name": "Account Rule Lists Write"

And I can confirm it’s not in the docs; it is returned by user/tokens/permission_groups, but because the names are different I didn’t realise it was the same thing.



Thanks for flagging this, i’ll handle your request to update the documentation via ticket.

You’re welcome - we all forget to update the docs from time to time :slight_smile: