Creating a Subdommain

Is there a guide to setting up a subdomain, with an SSL and with FTP.
I have the domain and hosting registered with Fasthosts.
I need to set up the subdomain on Cloudflare.

You will need to create the DNS records for that subdomain in the DNS tab of the CF dashboard. If you set the name for your records to the name of the subdomain, it will work. Set the records to :orange: and you should get SSL working as it does on your root domain. Just set the DNS records to match the ones required by your host.

The host is Fasthosts for the subdomain. The host for the main domain is WPEngine.
I have set up an A record for the subdomain with the IP pointing to the host Fasthosts. Is this correct?

That should be right.

Do I access FTP via Fasthosts?

Yes, you should do.

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