Creating a subdomain DNS pointing to Ukit & Kajabi

I have my website on Ukit, but am trying to create a blog subdomain (which will be through Kajabi). It was suggested that I set up the subdomain via Cloudflare. When I do that, I am told that I should change the DNS to Cloudflare, but the dns is already pointing to ukit. All I want is the subdomain to be accessible so I can point it to Kajabi. Can anyone help?

If your domain does not use Cloudflare’s DNS servers (because you didn’t change the nameservers of it, at the registrar, to the ones you were asked to change to when you added the domain, and probably also in the Overview tab in Cloudflare interface) - then Cloudflare has zero control over what happens in your domain.

As such, you can make as many changes as you want in the DNS tab - and they’ll not affect anything - because no DNS resolver in the world will go to Cloudflare’s servers and query them about your domain…

As such, will not point to the same site of before you either add the CNAME on UKIT which are currently managing your DNS service, OR you switch the nameservers to Cloudflare (before you do that, make sure that you’ve copied all the DNS records from UKIT; Especially MX if you have them, otherwise you’ll not be able to get mail if you currently can)

Please have a little patience as I am a novice in this area. Should I then have my dns point to Cloudflare ? Is it then possible to have my website point to ukit and the subdomain point to Kajabi?

From DNS point of view, any hostname can point to anywhere. The real question is if the various services agree to serve your content with the specific FQDN, once DNS points to them - so this is a question to the actual providers.

You can do the pointing from any DNS service that allows you to set custom hostnames - Cloudflare and others (e.g. For any such service to be your authoritative nameserver, you must update the nameservers in the registrar to the specific DNS servers provided by the DNS service provider. In Cloudflare those will be two names ending with ‘’ - and they appear in your Overview tab until you do the change. They also previously appeared when you added the domain, and Cloudflare has presented you with a diagram of your <current servers> on the left -> change to these: <Cloudflare servers on the right>