Creating a subdomain and delegating an NS to it

Hi All.

I’ve been asked to create a subomain which is simple enough, but then delegate the name server for that subdomain. I’ve also been given an SOA record “should the domain registrar require it”.

I wasn’t even aware that using a separate NS for a subdomain was possible. I’ve been given the following name servers:

* (
* (

I’m not sure how to enter this in Cloudflare? Is it supported? Does anyone have any suggestions.

I would guess the DNS page, add a record, select NS and then I’ve got two boxes. But what do I enter there? Have I got it all wrong even?


In the name field, enter the subdomain you are trying to delegate, and enter the value you have. Add two NS records with the same subdomain, one for each of the two nameservers.

Thanks for that super-clear response.

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