Creating a Second Account and Moving Website + DNS Records


Let me explain my scenario. We have a CF account for what we’ll call Domain A’s websites, but this is also used to manage the DNS records of Domain B’s websites (a separate part of the company).

Due to a change in the structure of the business we want to set up a new CF account for Domain B (the older account will remain open).

My question is will I have to go through the process of moving the Domain B website to another registrar before bring them back to CF in this scenario?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes. Domains that use Cloudflare registrar will need to transfer out to another registrar before the domain registration can be transferred to another Cloudflare account. This will also need to happen in advance of their DNS moving to another Cloudflare account since their nameservers are managed automatically and cannot be changed while at Cloudflare registrar.

This is a known shortcoming of the current platform. If you have not yet voted for the feature request to implement domain registration transfers between Cloudflare accounts you can do so here:

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Not the news I wanted, but thank you for the clarification, and the speedy reply

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