Creating a reverse proxy with nginx and cloudflare

Hi im a total noob at all this networking stuf but i run a plex server and there are a bunch of programs/servers that all conect together. I am wanting to keep those servers secure by creating a reverse proxy for all those servers with nginx and I was told i can do that by registering my domain with Cloudflare but after registering I cant find ANY guides on how to achieve this. Any help is greatly appreciated

Cloudflare already is a reverse proxy. Why would you want to set up your own?

I am a complete noob to this and don’t have a clue on what to do or how to do it and I’m looking for help. I have a bunch of servers that connect to a main server via nginx and was told I need to setup a proxy server to use them all

An opportunity to learn :smiley:

That topic is slightly beyond the scope of this forum, but for starters I’d suggest you post a diagram with your network infrastructure.

TBH I wouldn’t know where to start mate. I have a Plex Media server, I have a program that users use to reqest content for my media server and I have a monitoring programme that monitors my media server. They are all connected to a program called organizr which runs them all in its web browser. Currently none of them work in Organizr as they need to be run using a reverse proxy. Organizr uses nginx which im told is how I run the reverse proxy but I have no clue how. I have a domain connected to Cloudflare but no clue on how to accomplish the rest. I’ve been reading and searching all day and have come up with squat

Diagram :wink:

yeah i know what a diagram is i dont know how to make one nor would i know what exactly to display in said diagram

Any decent picture editor should do, it doesnt have to be perfect but should illustrate your topology and explain what you want.

But as I said, that is somewhat off-topic here anyhow, so you might want to try over at Stackexchange.

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