Creating A Redirect Subdomain

Hi Team

I have a number of landing pages and in each there is a contact form that, when a submission is received, redirect to a paywall on a portal where I host my community.

The only challenge is that each time I want to change the paywall, for promotional reasons, I have to go into all the landing pages to update the submission url (and sometimes I forget).


  1. I would like to create a subdomain and place that on all my landingpages so that when a submission is received it will activate the sudomain url.
  2. Then all I do is change the subdomain url in one place on cloudflare so that I don’t have to manually update all the landing pages (because they are oly pointing to one subdomain) and from there I can redirect to a new paywall / page on my portal.

how do I do this?


any answers here?

You can probably use redirect rules here or Transform rules URL rewrites. You can then filter on your matching traffic and rewrite or redirect traffic to the correct sites