Creating a Page Rule while using CNAME

I have this scenario where I have the below two DNS records:


CNAME Proxy off
CNAME www Proxy off

The above, redirects the domain to paperform to access a custom form I created:

If I try to access, it auto-redirects to

What I’m trying to achieve here, is to create an auto-redirect rule to redirect users visiting to

I tried to create a Page Rule and a URL Rewrite Rule but nothing is working.

Page Rule

URL: *
Forwarding URL 302 Temp Redirect
Destination URL

Transform Rule > URL Rerwite

When URI FULL equals
Rewrite to Static
Query Preserve

Any suggestions?

The issue here is that you have the proxies disabled. In that case none of the Cloudflare features will work.

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@sandro That’s true.

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