Creating a non-alias CNAME, possible?

To verify my domain, someone at Google requested me to create a CNAME with this:

Create the following CNAME record through your domain hosting provider:
Label/Host: deleteGAPPSnotBefore20171127utc
Time to live (TTL): 3600

To which I got this reply:

Unfortunately, we won´t be able to proceed with the process with the record reflecting as an alias. Please coordinate with your domain host and ask assistance in adding the provided record values as a CNAME record.
As much as I would love to accept the record you created as a proof of your domain ownership, our security policy requires us that the values be reflected in the proper record type.

However, all CNAME records are treated as aliases as this is by design. What exactly are expecting these persons from Google? Should I create an A or AAAA record instead? I’m about to leave Cloudflare just to create a CNAME somewhere else to see if that makes them happy.

Make sure the CNAME record you are creating is not orange clouded. Google is looking for the true value of that record and when it is orange clouded we proxy/obfuscate the true value.