Creating a new subdomain and connecting to a server IP


I have a domain that im hosting here.
I have a one-pager build in WordPress that is hosted at IP -

How can I create a sub domain for my domain here (DSP.WEB3.US.COM) and point it to the one-pager I have?
to clarify, I want to point only the sub domain I create and not the whole website.

Thank you for your help

It should be relatively straight forward in your case. You create a dsp A record in your Cloudflare DNS control panel and point it to that address.

Thanks Sandro,

But that is excatly what I did, and it is still not working.

Can you help find what’s wrong?


How is it not working?

It does display a “Sorry” page but that’s related to your hosting provider, there is probably something misconfigured on their end. You need to contact them about it.

I don’t think so, because I’ve just tried to do so on a domain I host on GoDaddy, with the same IP, and it worked.

So maybe we miss something here?

You dont think so what? The link does show the host is working and it equally loads in the browser. The content is a different issue but - again - something you need to clarify with your host. You get the same content when you load the page directly.

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