Creating a forward proxy fro Kubernete nodes

I am a nubie to networking and having a tricky time identifying what to do for the following scenario:

I have a kubernete’s cluster operating where each node (lets say i have 6 nodes) has a different IP. I have been able to setup an ‘A’ record connected to a load balancer where all incoming traffic gets routed through a subdomain URL to the loadbalancer and subsequently this then manages the traffic to each node.

However when the nodes create requests they could come from any node (depending on which node the Kute controller has loaded the image), how do i setup a proxy to intercept these outgoing calls and pull them through a single IP so that my clients only have to whitelist a std set of IP’s and not all my node IP’s? the biggest issue is that I can change the nodes and this will change their IP’s, i would like to avoid having to tell my customers to update the IP’s of our nodes every time i make changes.

Any help in this regard would be great. Hopefully the description is clear.

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