Creating a Consumer Address for a Subscription Service

This is my issue:
In my development environment, I need to subscribe to a data service that provides regular updates of vehicle position data. In the subscription request, I must provide a Consumer Address that the subscribed data is subsequently sent to at regular intervals. The typical subscription request appears like this:
“RequestorRef”: “e0181746-447c-4b4b-873b-e37870ec04ca”,
“VehicleMonitoringSubscriptionRequest”: [
“VehicleMonitoringRequest”: {
“Version”: “2.0”,
“VehicleMonitoringDetailLevel”: 3,
“MaximumVehicles”: 1,
“MaximumNumberOfCalls”: {
“Onwards”: 2,
“Previous”: 2
“SubscriberRef”: “e0181746-447c-4b4b-873b-e37870ec04ca”,
“SubscriptionIdentifier”: “My-Sub-Id-For-Line-901-at-5-sec-interval”,
“IncrementalUpdates”: true,
“UpdateInterval”: “00:00:05”,
“InitialTerminationTime”: “2022-04-07T05:30:00.000Z”,
“Extensions”: {
“TriggerOnVehicleLocationChange”: true

My Internet connection is DHCP and it rarely changes
I have an existing domain name registered with MelbourneIT, but I can create a new domain if that is a better option.
I need to find a way to implement a Consumer Address URL that I can place in the subscription request, and when the responses are available, they will get to my computer IP address (192.168.15.x) and I can access them, presumably through a TCP socket listener or similar.

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