Creating a Cert for servers on Azure

We are looking at getting some dedicated certs for our azure servers using our domain that is managed through cloudflare. The CNames are in the cloudflare DNS and the servers are on Azure.

Can I use the Advanced Cert Manager here to create the certs for our servers on Azure. My concern comes from this bit on the Managing Dedicated SSL Cert

Dedicated SSL certificates have several limitations:

Are not exportable for use outside of Cloudflare.

The best option is an Origin CA cert from Cloudflare. They’re only good for proxied servers, but it will let you run Full (Strict) mode here.

Thank you for that. I was able to create an origin cert. But how does this differ from the expensive SSL certs you can buy at digicert or godaddy?

Information overload. Sometimes finding the right question to ask is more difficult than finding the answer.

The overpriced certs from GoDaddy and DigiCert are overpriced by a factor of infinity.

The Cloudflare free certs only work on sites proxied by Cloudflare.

For sites not proxied by Cloudflare, Let’s Encrypt certs are free.

Thank you for that confirmation. Very glad I asked.

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A few more questions. Are these certs AS2 compliant? With SHA-256? And Drummond compliant for soc 2?

And what is the TLS level?

TLS level is configurable within the dashboard.

For compliance, see The business plan guarantees PCI DSS 3.2 compliance

For other compliance questions, you may contact support

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