Creating a 2nd Subdomain

Hi. My domain is in GoDaddy and is pointing to Cloudflare. I already have a subdomain and I’d like to add a 2nd subdomain. Can I do it directly in Cloudflare? How? Thanks.

May I ask if you have got and want
Or rather have and want

Nevertheless, you have to create the desired “sub” or “sub-sub” domain at your Web hosting interface.

Therefore, you have to add an A type DNS like A sub record pointed to your web hosting IP address to the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

Below I am sharing helpful articles which include instructions how to preoperly manage DNS records at Cloudflare:

Kindly, consider having a valid SSL certificate for your sub(sub)-domain installed at your origin host/server first.

If using “sub-sub” like 4th level sub-domain, please read below article as you might have an issue:

Thank you. Yes, I would like to add sub Also, will I have to add any page rules? Thanks

I do not know if you are using cPanel, Plesk, or not at all, but you would have to add the needed on the origin host/server first, like the vhost file configuration for subB-domain, etc.

Therefore, add a DNS record A subB pointed to your hosting/server IP address at the DNS tab of your domain name at Cloudflare dashboard in your Cloudflare account.

I believe it depends on what you will need for “to-do” later with it.

So I would need to add really two A records how it is shown in these instructions (see attached) in Cloudflare

For a sub-domain, at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard, you may need only one A type, name “mysub”, value “IP address of your hosting” and TTL “automatic/default”, proxy :orange:.

From your above screenshot the @ symbol is the A type (at my screenshot below).

Also from your above screenshot, the “myexample” is the sub-domain (at my screenshot below it’s “mysub”).


Right, I am trying then to use it to host my online course. The platform gave me these instructions. Meaning, I will be creating a subdomain and it will be used to host my course which truly is located at Currently the location is, but I am trying to “replace it” with the my subdomain that I am discussing here which will be Gurucan gave me instuctions I posted above. Seems like the IP of is their IP that they want me to point things to. So the question is if I’d need both of those A values or just the bottom one? Thanks.

Hm, okay.
That is a new information.
If that is the case, you might want to use a CNAME setup for your sub-domain, and not A type.

Which might go:
CNAME app and the target should be “” and proxy set to :grey: (DNS-only)

Did they gave you the below article for instructions? - they use example of a domain on GoDaddy:

Yes, here is the article below. In their tech interface seems like I just have to enter my subdomain like once the subdomain is created in the DNS settings:
How to connect your domain? | Gurucan.Com Help Center