Created a subdomain but it is not showing correct IP - showing OLD IP address

hi, I moved a site this morning to a different IP address, that looks fine - replication to new location looks complete.

I also created a new (A type) subdomain - and used the new IP address for the new subdomain, but when checked via, the old IP address is showing.

I noticed also that there are “AAAA” (new IPv6) records, I was not given new ones to update - would they be causing the issue ?

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Are these records :orange: proxied? Proxied hostnames always return Cloudflare IPs. When you change the IP off a proxied hostname, it changes the origin server that Cloudflare connects to, but the IP seen by your vistors and the public DNS does not change. See the following for a better understanding.

Many thanks for your replay and Yes they are all set to “Proxied” !

Do I need to turn off ALL proxied (of all entries) or just on the subdomain (i.e. just switching the subdomain to “DNS only” will suffice) ?

I am hosting at bluehost shared & they provide the same IP address for the apex domain as well as subdomains.

You shouldn’t need to turn off the proxy for web sites. Yoy won’t want it on for other services such as email, SSH, or FTP. Once you have updated the new IPs in your Cloudflare DNS, the proxy will connect your visitors to that server. Are you experiencing some difficulty reaching the new serve through the proxy?

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