Created a new account... a lot of errors showing

I just created an account yesterday and I’m getting a lot of red API messages at the bottom. I can’t get the system to email my verification to me. My site is connected to Cloudflare but now I’m not getting any emails coming in.

My DNS is all setup correctly so not sure what is going on

Can someone help in getting things fixed?

Wecome to Cloudflare!

Unfortunately, there’s an active incident right now with the dashboard and api: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Dashboard and Cloudflare API service issues

Once that incident is resolved, you should be back on track. You might need to have it resend the email though.

Thank you


No fix yet for the API errors?

Also, tried to setup a new account and when I entered the domain name this appeared
Requires permission “” to create zones for the selected account

and it won’t let me do anything. Is this another error on Cloudflare?

Disregard that msg went away and let me move forward.

No full fix, they’re still working on it, only partial recovery :frowning:

Nice, there is some partial recovery like stated above, not everything is set though. I’ve heard a few people say they couldn’t get new domains to verify NS is pointed at them, if it’s a domain with active traffic you might want to wait until the incident is over.

Wow, seems like Cloudflare has some hiccups to clear up. Thanks for the update.

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