Created a firewall rule but traffic still getting through

Just set up 3 hours ago. URIFull contains “/path/to/block” is implemented with a Block and I can verify from my network, but I still see traffic using this URI reaching my origin. Will this traffic not stop until the host making the requests gets the updated DNS?

That quite likely could be it. Until DNS is fully propagated, you’re stuck with some traffic using old DNS data.

Then, after DNS fully propagates, there’s still the chance of deliberate attempts to probe your site directly by IP address. If you have firewall control over that server, you can whitelist Cloudflare and block everything else.

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Thanks. We’re using Heroku, so I think it’s impossible to reach the server by IP.

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Try URI instead of Full URI
e.g URI contains /articles/index
URI FULL would be something like htt­ps://

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