Create Zone With "jump_start" sets to True not working!

I try to add some zones and scan for Dns Records with jump_start option but nothing happen !
i read some topic in the community says that there is a new way to do that by adding zones with jump_start : false then call :


Replacing 023e105f4ecef8ad9ca31a8372d0c353 appropriately with your zone tag.

but still not, also i get "method_not_allowed" when i call this CURL !
any helps ?

Maybe you have an error somewhere? I used this new endpoint today and had no issue.

Could you please send me an example of your CURL request ?

The same thing happens to me. If I create a new zone via API, whether I set jump_start to true or false does not change anything, it does not scan the original DNS records.


have you try to create your zone with jump_start : false
then call :



Yes, nothing changes if imposed to TRUE or FALSE.

But I have noticed a strange behavior. If before making the API call with DNS scan I create the zone manually through Cloudflare’s website, scanning the DNS and then deleting the zone, then DNS scan via API always works.