Create website on subdomain: How?

How do I create a new website/config on a subdomain?
When I attempt as instructed by your docs (Set up a child domain - Subdomain setup · Cloudflare DNS docs) I get the error:

This part of your docs is extremely cluttered with callouts, links, lists and other stuff, so there’s a decent chance I’ve missed the instructions, but I’ve done my best re-reading it multiple times over.

Subdomain setup is an Enterprise only feature that allows a subdomain site to be added to Cloudflare separately from the main domain so the Cloudflare settings can be set independently.

Do you just want to create a subdomain of your domain and point that at a server? If so, just add a DNS record for it in your Cloudflare dashboard here…
(the domain needs to be added to Cloudflare first).


The reply from @sjr is spot-on and the error message seems clear to me.

You are trying to add, the error says ...not

Nothing cluttered nor confusing about that.

The docs are cluttered, not the error-message.
And the docs don’t state anything about it being Enterprise-only which adds to the frustration.

Thank you.
The docs could’ve made it clear that it’s an Enterprise feature.

Thank you… Can you share a link to the docs? I’ll make sure to flag it for the docs team to revisit.

Certainly: Set up a child domain - Subdomain setup · Cloudflare DNS docs

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It’s stated in the parent/topic page (won’t allow me to link to it).
But that’s not clear enough, if you ask me, cause I landed on the instructions-page from Google and went from there.

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