Create user groups to use in gateway firewall policies


I am unable to find the section where I can create user groups. Cloudlare documentation keeps pointing me to access groups, which can only be used as part of the application policies, if I understand correctly.

Is there any way I can create these user groups or are they dependent on an external identity provider like okta?

I would like to group users so that I can better control the gateway policy rules by various criteria such as company teams, for example.

I see something similar has also be posted, but left answered: community.cloudflare dot com/t/gateway-network-policy-access-groups/542855

What I did as a sort of “bypass” is to create a list (Zero Trust - My Team - Lists) of email addresses that I can use instead of the user names or groups and I can reuse those lists inside the firewall policies, so I guess it’s at first glance a decent compromise.