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Hi there!

I would like to create the domain which i would redirect to (a mailerlite landing page). I think i created the DNS record for MailerLite landing page properly already. but i need to make the next step.

Can someone confirm the best way to do this? I know it’s not possible to create the DNS record in MalerLite. As the main CNAME record is to our shopify store.
Thank you in advance!

This is the DNS record i have currenly.

You’ll need a page rule for that


Thank you so much!!

How long does it take to work? I’ve set it up and no go yet. I read it can be right away.

Your records are not proxied, hence the page rule won’t fire. However I believe your service provider already is on Cloudflare, which could make it difficult for you to proxy your records.

Try proxying them and if that does not work you might have to do this on your host instead as you won’t get Cloudflare to do it.

How do you do that? Sorry! I am new to CloudFlare.

You need to proxy the applicable DNS records on the DNS screen, though you probably won’t be able to do so for aforementioned reason.

So its best to talk to shopify about how to do this? or would it be the landing page host mailerlite?

The one who is behind your main addresses. It is those which will most likely prevent you from proxying your records, which in turn prevents you from using a page rule.

It might be the easiest if they also have some way to configure a redirect, in which case you’d simply configure it with them instead.

Ah ok! Thank you! might be the right thing.

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I will investigate! Thank you!

THANK YOU! I completely missed that section in shopify. Thank you so much!

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