Create two root cname record in DNS setting question

Hi Cloudflare Community.
I need to add a root CNAME record in my DNS setting, but currently there is already one in there, I am wondering if it is impossible to add two root CNAME record. Thank you very much for your help.


Nope. You can’t create two CNAMEs for the same hostname. Why do you need to do this?

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Hi Sdayman. I need to add a white label for Eskimi. The team asked me to create a @ CNAME record for it, but my DNS setting has already one www CNAME record in it. In terms of the redirection, the current setting is to redirect all traffic from to, in order to set up white label, do I have to change the redirection back? Thank you very much your help and assistance.

Eskimi white label requirements:




I’m not familiar with their product. If you’re replacing your website with their product, then you’d have to get rid of your CNAME. You can create a Page Rule to redirect www (or the other way around).

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