Create Subdomain with WPENGINE

Im looking to create a subdomain hosted with wpengine.

They have no instructions to create a subdomain so I contacted support and they said you need to do it via the DNS settings within Cloudflare. Something I have no experiance of so im looking to verify this is correct before I go adding settings into the DNS panel.

im looking to simply create |

I found this article >> but want to make sure what im entering into the form fields is correct as I dont want any conflicts on the main domain.

WPENGINE told me once the DNS subdomain redirect is created I can then add the subdomain as a domain in their control panel to start hosting files.

Any advice please.

The subdomain is just a DNS entry here. It should either be an “A” record with an IP address, or a CNAME that points to a hostname at WP Engine. They should be able to tell you which one it should be.

Thanks sdayman.

They never said. Ill go back and ask.

Out of curiosity is there any way that this DNS CNAME could break the main traffic? I dont think it will - I just hate editing DNS records

No, adding a new DNS entry with its own hostname won’t interfere with other DNS entries.

Ive made the DNS changes (They recommended a CNAME entry) - and added the sub domain in wpengine.

The subdomain seems to be redirecting to the main domain, but I guess it needs time to propagate?

Thanks for the reassurance

Do you have any Page Rules set up here?

So If I enter it redirects to

If I enter i get a server not found

Im looking in wpengine domain settings and I can see its calling the as a “Proxied” domain.

I can also see rules redirectng the to so ill mirror these settings for the sub domain and see if that fixes things

Okay so it turns out that now I have the setup I now need to redirect that using a CNAME entry to

However when I try to enter the details into the fields I get the following error:

An A, AAAA or CNAME record already exists with that host. (Code: 81053)

Ill keep reading :slight_smile:

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