Create subdomain with different NS

HI there, I would like to create a Subdomain in Cloudflare (eg. which will point to different name servers (eg this is for a Marketing Cloud email setup). I can’t seem to work out how to do this. Perhaps i need to upgrade to Business? Thanks in advance!

What have you configured so far that didnt work?

I have created a root domain which points to 2x cloud fare NS. But i need a subdomain that points to its own name servers. When I add DNS records it only gives me option for CNAME or A record rather than pointing to different name servers. I’m trying to workout if its a limitation of Cloudflare… does this make sense?

As per Marketing Cloud instructions:
3. You delegate a subdomain to our nameservers, example: This option requires the domain administrator at your company to create the subdomain and delegate it to us by adding four nameserver (NS) records to the DNS and point them to our nameservers. This is an advanced option. Please see the following help page for more details on domain delegation:

Please note, our system can only accept delegation via NS records pointing to the server names, neither IP nor CNAME delegation is supported.

Can you post a screenshot of the UI where you are trying to add the NS records? You would only need to add one or more NS records for email and point it to the right nameservers.

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