Create subdomain that leads to X.X.X.X:3000?

Hello. I wanted to make an API that runs on the port 3000. Now I wanted to map this to, I tried multiple DNS settings but it doesn’t work, any ideas?

Cloudflare only support a limited number of ports (unless you are using Spectrum). The DNS entry for will need to be DNS Only :grey: to use a non-standard port.

I already read the post about the ports, now, what Records do I have to add? I know how it works on Porkbun but not on cloudflare :thinking:

If you have a DNS name for your Origin, create a CNAME in the DNS panel of the dashboard, and if you have an IP address create an A record. (And in the unlikely event you have an IPv6 address, create a AAAA record.

I already tried to make a A record, didn’t work but CNAME works fine for but its linked to Gitbook and not to my server

This really isn’t something that DNS can do, but something like a Portzilla subscription (or a hand-crafted Worker) can map a subdomain to a server port.

But it worked on Porkbun without problems, I had to create an A Record and an SRV record and it worked like a charm!

Are all relevant DNS records set to :grey: DNS Only?

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