Create Sub Domain

Have created a Sub domain using A record and wish to point this to my domain. After creating A name records i am getting 404 error. How can i achive the task of pointing this sub domain to my main domain

If you want to add new sub-domain to, your DNS record should look like this one example below:

  1. Has got pointed to your hosting provider (server IPv4) and is :orange:
  2. Has got (sub-domain) again pointed to IPv4 and :orange:
  3. Has got another (sub-domain) the same
  4. We are going to create a new sub-domain

Maybe you are wanting to point to and/or vice-versa?

You can add new CNAME record as a and point it to, or add new A record for your sub-domain, point it to your IPv4 and make sure :orange. Then, at Page Rules, you can create redirection for all requests made to to point to with the rule like:* -> Forwarding URL (301) ->

On behalf of the Page Rules, here is an good article:

not working i have added A record for my and also added my A record for domain. it gives me 404 error. The solution you provided does not work

Great! That’s it.

But wait, if you get 404 error, this could indicate the subdomain does not exist or does not have any content at your origin/host.

Do you actually get 404 as a return? (could mean the DNS record for it at Cloudflare is :grey: instad of :orange:)

Does any other 5xxx error appear or?


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