Create SSL certificate for "" domain

We need to create ssl certificate for “” domain because we want to enable tracking in the email account.
I already raised a ticket on mailgun support but he told me to contact Cloudflare support.

Please create ssl certificate for “” domain.
Please let me know if you have any queries

Regarding a Web traffic, if you are planning to use Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate, I am afraid this will not work due to:

  1. Cloudflare does not proxy email traffic
  2. Sub-domain is too deep
  3. More info about Cloudflare Origin CA certificate (only for web traffic if you do not have an SSL certificate) can be found on the link:

Other solution, regarding e-mail traffic is either to generate one using tools like Let’s Encrypt, etc., second is to purchase an SSL certificate either via your own provider, or a third buy a dedicated SSL certificate from Cloudflare Advanced Certificate Manager for your domain(s).

I hope it helps a bit.

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