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Good day
is there somewhere list of action ids and values supported for each and every action id?
Thanks in advance

The documentation at Cloudflare API Documentation is pretty scarce about that. The best I could find was the actions from the control panel HTML code

  • always_online
  • browser_cache_ttl
  • browser_check
  • cache_deception_armor
  • cache_level
  • disable_apps
  • disable_performance
  • disable_security
  • edge_cache_ttl
  • email_obfuscation
  • forwarding_url
  • ip_geolocation
  • minify
  • explicit_cache_control
  • rocket_loader
  • security_level
  • server_side_exclude
  • ssl

Probably not a complete list though.

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Thank you Sandro
But may be you have list of values that those actions accept
Thanks in advance

You can probably extract that from the HTML too. Otherwise Iā€™d contact support.

Thanks Sandro
One more question

always_online,browser_check,cache_deception_armor are off by default?
disable_apps,disable_performance,disable_security are disabled by default?

Yet another question for support :slight_smile:

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