Create own account for each client or run them on my own account?

Hi there,

I am a web designer and I ask myself the basic question what option is better and what are the pros and cons.

1. Let the client create a Cloudflare account under their name and email address and ask them to share the user credentials with me:
(+) ownership of client (-) complicated to set up for client and for me especially if client is not tech-savvy (+) client who is tech-savvy has opportunity to login e.g. to add some DNS verification

2. Create a Cloudflare account for the client from one of my email addresses, e.g. [email protected]:
(-) no ownership of client (+) easier to set up (+) theoretically possible to share user credentials with client

3. Just add the DNS Record from the client under my Cloudflare account:
(-) no ownership of client (+) easy to set up (-) impossible to share with client, therefore even a tech-savvy client depends on me

Note: I am not a reseller. But I have experience with a few hosting providers and support clients to set up their hosting if they do not have hosting, or I recommend them one of the hosting providers I have experience with and that fits to their requirements. As of now, I prefer that each client get their own hosting, on their own name.

Unfortunately, there is no option to share access to a website on Cloudflare (DNS record) with a client.

Also, the question, what happens if a client and I part ways - then it’s not good if the nameserver is on my Cloudflare account.

Really interested how you are handling this.

Thanks so much.


There’s a Hybrid 1&2 option. Have them create an account (or do it for them with their email address), then add yourself to it, like this:

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Thanks I did not know about this workaround - that might be an option. Overall, it is in general very difficult to decide whose account it should be (same for Google Analytics, SMTP, and many other accounts).

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