Create new subdomain on Cloudflare (not in Godaddy)

Hi guys, I can see there have been a few questions on the topic of subdomains but for some reason I feel this hasn’t been answered exactly how I need it answered (sorry if that’s not the case

  • I’m still learning :grinning:)…

OK so I have setup a domain that was registered through Godaddy successfully on Cloudflare (done this a few times for clients - that part is all good).

I now need to create a brand new subdomain for a client.
I’m getting mixed responses on this.

I’ve seen some say you need to create the subdomain at Godaddy first and then come back to Cloudflare to create a cname record.
But I’ve seen some saying you can just create the subdomain on Cloudflare without having to go back to Godaddy.

So which is it?

I’m now no longer able to use the DNS records at the Godaddy level, because the nameservers point to cloudflare and now cloudflare controls all DNS records.

The subdomain needs to point to a 3rd party site which is

Setup currently is this:
Name :: s
Content ::
Proxy status:: set to Orange

Apparently according to the SurveyAnyplace guys (3rd party program) I have it setup correctly for what they need… but it’s not working.

So do I need to somehow create this subdomain at Godaddy first - because that would be a nightmare having to ‘undo’ everything that’s already in place…

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

Then you don’t need to do anything at GoDaddy. Cloudflare handles DNS, and that survey site handles everything else.

It’s possible you’ve set that CNAME to :orange:, and the survey site needs it set to :grey:.

Oooh ok let me try that and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks for clarifying that it can be done on Cloudflare and not Godaddy - I can stop holding my breathe now haha.

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