Create new nameservers on domain

I m not offended Sandro and I don t feel stupid.
If anyone reads your answers and follow your link for the tutorial will see that this link Tutorials - Cloudflare Community has all the post.
You never send me a specific post to look and read. So why should be offended. I m asking for help and you re sending me the same link again and again . With one post, with an example on what should look like that record and if it is an A record or something else , I could easily understand.
Also it s not the same thing from before. I followed a thread , one of your threads and changed things. I created cname records for the domain.
Never mind Sandro. If someone wants to help, it s done usually with 1-2 posts.

Thank you for your time !

And that was done in the first response, unless you expect spoon-feeding. All the information has been already posted, you just opted not to read it or only partially.

The entire topic is not even Cloudflare related as you just need to configure DNS records and Cloudflare only comes in here because that particular domain is on Cloudflare and you need to configure them in Cloudflare’s DNS control panel.

Yes, #tutorials - as I had already posted - has all that information and I do not think it is asked too much that you pick the right topic. You even did manage to add the right records with the information I provided but configured them incorrectly and not according to what I specifically stated.

Sorry, but if you are not reading, what people take the time to write, then I am not sure what we are doing here.

So, I ask you one more time. Did you follow my instructions to the dot?

Maybe trying offending others is feeding your ego Sandro. You spend time to showup with 3 days posts and you could easily give the correct post. Not the tutorial page which I already saw before posting.
So don t bother.
I don t need your help. You gave no real instructions. I believe peaple who read this thread can verify me.
I m sure I can find someone else.

Maybe you’d care to point out where I offended you. I provided you 26 minutes after your posting with the precise information you need to follow to achieve what you want to do. Instead of reading what I wrote, or even just using the search before posting, you went on and randomly configured things (NS records, proxied records) and now left snarky remarks.

Good if you don’t need my help and good luck. Here we can obviously close.