Create new nameservers on domain

I m new to cloudflare and strugle with the following
I have a free account for a domain
Full functional everything ok.
What I want to do now is create some nameservers on it to use them on 2 diferrent servers. (assigned to ipA) (assigned to ipB) (assigned to ipC) (assigned to ipD)

Then I’ll replace my old ns with these new ones.

I saw from my old registar that he created some glue records with his registar while he used cloudflare.
But I don t what was the setup on cloudflare so I can do the same. I can t find him.
Is there a guide for this procedure?
Thank you!

Do you want to use those nameservers for your own domain or for other domains? If it is the latter, you won’t need glue. The former is only possible with a Business plan and custom nameservers.

I ll use them on all other domains. On whm and 50-100 domains.
Is there a guide please for that?

In that case you just need to create the respective records on Cloudflare and make sure they are set to :grey:. That’s all.

#tutorials has details on how to add records but I understand you have done that already anyhow.

So Sandro I need custom nameservers? or I can use the free account? I m confused! Sorry!

As I mentioned, you only need to create the records, you don’t need custom nameservers. Once you have the records you can assign them to your other domains.

Thank you for the quick response.
I have these records.
If I create ns records in there , I m ok?
I mean if I create (assigned to ipA) (assigned to ipB) (assigned to ipC) (assigned to ipD)

thats the job without any glue records?

And then I go to each domain after 24-48 hours and add them?

Thank you!

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It’s precisely what I already said before, you need to create these records.

Once they resolve you can assign them to your domains.

I believe it is the last post on this thread.

Is this ok now. I can add my ns on these 2 servers?
I added A records only .

No, that’s not okay. Please read what I wrote earlier.

I m sorry but it is not clear for me. Ns records don t accept ip. So I created a records

I didn’t say NS records. I said you need to create the necessary records and configure them accordingly. Please refer to my previous responses.

Hello! If I understood correct that was your suggestion.

tutorials has details on how to add records but I understand you have done that already anyhow

And that
Respective records…

I m sorry to tell you that this does not help me since I don t have at least an example of these records.

What’s unclear about Create new nameservers on domain - #4 by sandro?

Sorry I didn t know that respective records means nameservers.
So ns is my option. Am I correct . But Ns records don t hold ips

Thank you!

As I said.

You need regular, unproxied records.

Can you please give me an example about regural , unproxied records?

Do you think it s good?

That’s the same thing from before. Sorry, but we are going in circles here. What’s unclear about the posting I linked? You just need to read it completely and follow it.

No offence, but it’s a bit pointless if you ignore the advice someone gives and make random changes. I explained in detail what you need to do in the original response and now again in my last response.

Also, the search will have details on these records as well as as aforemention section.

Once more, follow the steps from

and it will work.