Create rDNS zone

How do I create an zone in Cloudflare

Please see the following information from a thread yesterday:

Creating a reverse DNS for your site’s IP doesn’t affect SEO, period.

So we own an IP block purchased through ARIN. Are you saying that we cannot create an rDNS zone and maintain those records ourselves? We also have an enterprise account with Cloudflare.

Sorry, guess I should have quoted more :stuck_out_tongue:

You should be able to contact support or your Cloudflare resource about using your own IP and/or setting up rDNS.

sorry, probably should have read the whole thing before responding. got sidetracked, my bad, thank you for the quick replies

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Slightly different question I think. Here the customer was wanting to create an record for an IP block they don’t own/control. If an ENT customer wants to add an zone to Cloudflare they can contact their account team to get that configured/ validate ownership/control of the address space.


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