Create custom billing alerts

Create custom billing alerts.

Receive an email when billable usage exceeds a certain amount.

Why is my site suspended?
What are the steps for the solution and what should I do?

This sounds like a hosting issue. Can you please post a screenshot of the message?

I’m pretty sure that’s not a Cloudflare message. Cloudflare screens are branded with Clouflare colors and the Cloudflare logo.

Have you asked your website host about this?

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Yes, it says that the problem is on the part of Cloud Flare and that it is possible that I exceeded the resources and did not pay the bill
But I subscribe to the free service!!! amazing

The site is loading now. Did you resolve the issue?

Problem not solved
I just canceled cloudflare
I reset the name server to the hosting
How can I be sure that the problem is from you or from the hosting side?

By following the instructions on the screen:

  1. Check your billing for outstanding invoices. You can access Cloudflare Billing from in the upper right corner under your Profile.
  2. By checking the Report Center (Cloudflare doesn’t have a Report Center)

And, for more information, the /cgi-sys directory is at your webhost, so clearly that suspendedpage.cgi did not come from Cloudflare.


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