Create CNAME record of Zoho in the DNS manager of Cloudflare



I have a website by GoDaddy + Cloudflare + DigitalOcean. I have the following DNS records in Cloudflare at the moment:

A    *    points to 178.xx.xx.xx
A    points to 178.xx.xx.xx    DNS and HTTP proxy (CDN)
CNAME    email   is an alias of    DNS only
CNAME    ftp     is an alias of    DNS only
CNAME    www     is an alias of    DNS and HTTP proxy (CDN)
MX    mail handled by 10
MX    mail handled by 0

Now, I want to let Zoho manage my mails. By following this post, I have added

MX (set the priority as 10)
MX (set the priority as 20)

However, for CNAME, I tried CNAME zb******** is an alias of and CNAME zb******** is an alias of, they both gave me DNS validation error (Code: 1004): Invalid proxied mode. Record cannot be proxied (Code: 9041).

Could anyone help?


Hey there. When you’re creating the CNAME record, ensure the cloud is :grey:, this will prevent that error :rocket:


It works, thank you…


2 hours lost because of an non-user-friendly feature… Thank you Andy.