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Im actually tring to create the custom error pages for my domain, but im im not a web developer, and im struggling to achieve a nice looking page that looks like the Cloudflare page with the 3 logos for Cloudflare, browser and host state, which are not included in the token jeton used to create a custom page, the token will only generate the top information from the default page.

The looks of the Cloudflare error page are perfet for me, but my problem is that im in a french country, and that most of peoples here dosnt speak english, so i would find a way to keep the Cloudflare error pages, but being able to translate them in french? and maybe just nadding my company logo in a quiet corner

Iv a tried to see if i can copy the code from Cloudflare defaut page, but im not sure about which automaticaly generated lines i need to replace by the token? and iv see that the defaut page is a javascript .js, not an html?

Thanks by advance for your help


Thank you for asking.

To create Custom error pages at Cloudflare, you would need a Paid plan.

Moreover, kindly see more information about creating one on the article below:

If you are already using a Pro plan, you can try yourself using the code from below:

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <meta charset="utf-8">
      <title> My 1XXX Level Custom Error page</title>
      <style type="text/css">
         html, body{
         h1 { color:red;font-size:22px; }
         h2 { color:blue; }
         p {font-size:16px; color: orange; }
         small {font-size:10px; color: #2eadee; }
      <h1> Dear Visitor, this is an 1XXX example for Custom Level Errors page</h1>
      <p> You can add a stylesheet CSS for more colors, etc. </p>
      <small> This is an example </small>

Thanks for your return, yes im already using paid plan, what i want to achieve is keeping the default looking for my error page ( as in attached picture), so keeping the Cloudflare code, but just beeing able to edit the text to translate it, and add my company logo somewhere

is there anyway i can have acces to the raw html and css codes used to generate the default error pages? for that i can edit thems and translate? and then use thems as custom pages
As the final code i see on my browser for thoses is not the original with tokens like * ::CLOUDFLARE_ERROR_500S_BOX::

If below posts could help a bit:

Examples here:

I am really not sure if this is possible, at least the “original” ones from the “error box” :thinking:

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