Create Cloudflare account for subdomain

I am working on a solution where I need to take the ownership of a subdomain of another domain hosted by Cloudflare.

Is it possible to transfer the ownership of a subdomain to another account within Cloudflare?

On which plan level are you/is the domain? If you are not at least on Business that wont be possible.

The only thing you could on lower plans is to delegate that sub-domain to another nameserver. For that you’d create an NS record for the sub-domain in question and point it to the responsible nameservers.

I believe the account, which has the domain, is an enterprise account. The account to take ownership of the subdomain, is probably going to be a business account.

How would you do this in Cloudflare?

In this case it would be best to contact the support engineer assigned to your account. They should be able to walk you through step by step and enable the necessary features.

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Not without being on an Enterprise plan, either using the ENT subdomain signup feature or SSL for SaaS.

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