Create and Link cloudflare subdomain to dedicated IP

HI there,
I’m struggling with this problem and don’t know the solution

I use a Sendinblue account to manage my website transactional emails
mydomain[.]com is hosted on OVH and DNS are pointing to cloudflare.

I want to configure a dedicated IP address rather than the mutualised one to manage my sendinblue mailing and there is a great tuto to explain that (sendinblue Step-1-Delegating-your-subdomain)
I followed all the instructions to link my subdomain email[.]mydomain[.]com and my sendinblue dedicated IP but nothing to do, impossible to link and apparently the problems comes from DNS server.

Sendinblue can’t help with the OVH + CLOUSFLARE config, they don’t understand
This is why I need cloudflare community help

Here is my DNS config :


These are NS records which wont work in this context. Delete them.

Simply create an A record, give it the desired name, and point it to the IP address in question.

thanks @sandro for your quick reply
I’m testing it and back to you if it solved my problem.

I’ve tested your solution but that is not working neither.
Here is a video to show th confing of my cloudflare account and Sendinblue account

The NS records are wrong, you probably need to select the second option “Manage DNS records” but that is something you best clarify with your service provider. The “email” record appears to be properly set up, assuming it should resolve to that address.

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