Create an alias in free Cloudflare

I would love to change my website in a multi language website by using separate domains. Now I’ve two domains. I have a wordpress website with WPML plug-in.

WPML ask me to add a alias to my DNS.

**When using separate domains: I want to add a parked domain (alias) to my existing domain.

I trie to do this, but I can only add a subdomain als CNAME record. Does anyone has a solution? A redirect isn’t a solution, because I want to use it as SEO domain for Google.

An alias is something which needs to be configured on the server, not Cloudflare. Your host needs to configure the server for your other domain. Cloudflare does not care where it proxies what to.

If you had an Enterprise plan, you could rewrite the host header - Origin Rules · Cloudflare Rules docs

Otherwise you could probably play with a Worker script, but that would require custom JavaScript code and each request would be billed, respectively, count towards the free allotment. In short, you best talk to your host to have the server properly configured. Cloudflare won’t be involved here, you simply add the second domain to Cloudflare and point it to the same server, that’s it.

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