Create an account on behalf of user via API


I would like to create a Cloudflare Pages project for new user on my app. The user might not be an existing Cloudflare user. So I’d need to create an account for them without them needing to navigate around Cloudflare dashboard.

Is that possible?

I don’t see a POST method in the ‘Account’ section here Cloudflare API v4 Documentation


I think that cannot be done you need to setup account in Cloudflare Dashboard

I see :frowning: I was hoping there was something like one of those ‘Deploy to Netlify’ buttons.

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Hope that feature will come soon .

You can also request the feature by posting a message and selecting category feature request .

If you will be controlling the code then you could always just create the project under your own account. Creating and managing tons of accounts sounds like a nightmare (and yes, is not possible - would be abused like crazy)

Definitely something we want to create! Got some bigger things to ship first though


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