Create a Zone - Jump Start

When creating a zone I set “jump_start”: true, however, it doesn’t fetch existing DNS records. No records are added. I get a successful response and the zone is created but DNS isn’t fetched.

Sometimes if I delete the zone then attempt to add it again via the API it works just fine and DNS are fetched. Other times it doesn’t.

Are you waiting a bit after the domain was added? That won’t be a synchronous task, hence records probably won’t show up immediately. But should they still not show up after 15, 20 minutes then you best contact support for clarification.

I checked in with the DNS team on this one and we’re actually in the process of changing jump_start to move to a newer system for scanning DNS records which the UI uses already.

If you want to try it (the API is not documented yet), you can do this by creating the zone with jump_start: false and then calling this API:


Replacing 023e105f4ecef8ad9ca31a8372d0c353 appropriately with your zone tag.

Note that if you have already set your NS to Cloudflare’s at the registrar this scan will fail, we need to be able to see the previous NS externally in order for the scan to complete.

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