Create a subdomain that points back to main site

How would I create a subdomain for example “” that also hits our main site “”?

Whatever server you have for that subdomain can be configured to respond as both by using some sort of Alias system. Speaking of which, that’s pretty much the same as a CNAME:

I created a cname test and put @ so that it does our main site. It looks correct.

How long does it take to actually work?

A CNAME should resolve immediately. And if the server is properly configured, it should work.

Wait, so I have to do another step on the server?

So this is where I am confused. Our dns servers are managed by cloudflare but our host is godaddy.

Do I need to do anything on godaddy side? it doesn’t let me manage dns there but I can create host names? I am just confused.

The cname is not working atm

The server still has to know it’s also responding to requests for that other hostname.

I know this isn’t godaddy support but on the godaddy side do I setup a subdomain or a hostname or something else?

I just created a subdomain called “test” and set it to forward to our main site. Is that all that would typically be needed?

Thank you for that.

I don’t know what type of setup you have at GoDaddy, but there should be some sort of Alias option:

Ok now I am thinking it is hosted in cloudflare after all. Where exactly whould I find the part to configure on cloudflare’s site?

What’s hosted at Cloudflare? Is this using Pages or Wrangler?

Ok I actually think its hosted somewhere else now. This is so confusing. I am reaching out to a few other people because my own team is unsure as we haven’t touched this in a while and our marketing department takes care of it.

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ok, so its apparently hosted by