Create a preview link for my app

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I have an application that was approved. I am trying to create a preview link. How do I get that ? I am reading the doc but I think I am missing something

Preview links start as a link to your app’s install page. Using the YouTube app as an example, here is a link to the install page:

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Assim Addous

Let’s say I want to install youtube app. When I click on preview button

I’d be redirected to preview page but how can developer set some variables for using in preview mode?

Or changing default dummy URL (

You can pass that options through a URL encoded string in your app URL:

Written as JavaScript, the procedure for creating a Cloudflare Preview Link becomes:

function createCloudflareLink (appAlias, options) {
  var optionsString = encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(options))

  return '' + appAlias + '/install?options=' + optionsString

thanks for your quick reply. My question is
where do I get yourapp ? Is that app alias in app configuration

The docs were not that clear but I have figured it out.
the app alias from app configuration will be used in your preview link