Create a page rule with a subdirectory

Hi there,

I have to create a rule, but I have a subdirectory:

If I want to create the rule for both of them, how can I use the wildcard? I thought I could write:*/1234. Does it work like this?

Thank you for your help; I’m really a beginner!

You’d write*, but that would apply to everything then also /fr. If you need it explicitly only for the root directory and /en you’ll need two page rules.

Thank you Sandro, I only have 2 directories. The root one and the “/en/” one.
I’d like the rule for both of them.

In that case you can simply use mentioned /* rule.

Like this :
(this is the rule I need to add :slight_smile: ?

As I mentioned.

I’m sorry to ask again, but I just want to be sure. And difficult to explain clearly in English also.
At the moment I wrote like this:

because if I write* the rule will apply to all the elements in my website, right? I only want the rule to apply to a specific command (?et_fb=)

Thank you for being so helpful

In that case you will need to adjust the path of course.


should do the trick.

The path has been given to me by Divi assistance, I’m not sure I can change it.

Of course you can change it, page rules are under your control.

The question really is on which paths you want that page rule to fire.

I’m trying to follow a tutorial ( How To Fix Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader Conflict With jQuery) but it’s complicated for me :upside_down_face: I’ll check with someone who knows better!
Thank you very much for your help Sandro, I’ll try your solution

If you have issues with Rocket Loader you better disable globally instead of trying to do that with page rules.

OK, they advice me to do that if the first option doesn’t work. I will try this

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