Create a new account for my email

Hi there,

I have a few different projects that I’d like to separate using different Accounts. I already have one that I created and was invited to another. So my Dashboard lists two separate accounts that I can toggle between.

I’d like to setup a new account to help separate/segment on a different project. It doesn’t seem like there’s any place to create a new account. Should I just use a different email address, setup the account and share it with my email address?

Is there a better/proper way to do this?


You’d have to use a different email address to create a new account. And then you can use multi-user access.

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That’s unfortunate. Not a very good model from a users perspective. Accounts should be freely created and membership/ownership transferrable and more easily managed.

It’s easier if you think of an account as an entity. Each project of yours would have a different email address, and you’d have a personal account you can invite to each project.

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