Create a DNS for all domains hosted in a server


I have a server with 15 domains hosted in it. The server has an IP and all the domains works with the same dns:

My question is: It is possible to create a DNS in Cloudflare with these DNS for all the domains to work?

Thank you

You will need to add each domain individually and make sure the DNS records are all properly imported.

If it did not import everything you can either create them manually or export the data from your current nameservers and import that instead.


Ok, thanks for the reply. But, if you have a server with 200 domains for example? It isn´t a way to create a DNS for all the domains?

Every domain is an independent zone. And each zone needs its own set of DNS records.

If you’re good with scripting, you can do all of this with


No, you will have to add each domain on its own. What you could do is automate it via the API.


If you have that many domains you might rather want to look into the partner program, in which case you’d have your own nameservers. The search will have more on that.


Thanks everybody for your answers!

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