Create a Cloudflare account using API

I cannot found any way to create a Cloudflare account using API. Only get information or edit.

Any suggestion to this using API

You can’t create a new account from the API as you need to get credentials to use the API? Are you referring to creating a new zone instead?

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No, I need using API to create a new account. I doesnt want use this new account with my credencial , because before need validate email account and then get token credencial.

This makes a reasonable amount of sense, creating accounts would go through a browser security check (and a human needs to be present to agree to the ToS, as well as to complete the e-mail validation).

I can’t see many situations where this would make sense from a service provider’s perspective.

My situation of I need :

I have an app
The user click on button to Registre Cloudflare inside app
My app send by API singup command and send email address to Cloudflare
API send link to confirm email and agree ToS
User click on link from inbox mail
Account Created

If you want to do this, you should look into the Partner Program: