Crazy Domains + Godaddy VPS

Information A
Domains hosted on Crazy Domains.
Nameservers pointed to Cloudflare.
(Thats the easy part)

Information B

Hosting VPS on Godaddy.
To use VPS hosting you must use GoDaddys DNS hosting solution, you simply add the domain name in the DNS management.

Then update
at crazy domains and your all go.

Information C

When wanting to use cloudflare
You replace at crazy domains the godaddy
with the cloudflare names.

This points your domain name to cloudflare.

Cloudflare has the option to add
The VPS hostnames
NS record
A records domain and mail
Cname records.

Ive tried multiple configs and cant get it to work.
Do you add.






_domainconnect gd domaincontrol com.
(Removed dots so post has no link)

At cloudflare

Has anyone else had the issue of crazy domains to cloudflare to godaddy DNS hosting management to Godaddy VPS server.

Ive even deleted godaddy DNS management but you need this to point to the multiple domains hosted on the VPS.


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What registrar you use is largely irrelevant. Unless Crazy Domains has a requirement that prevents the use of Cloudflare nameservers there is no concern.

Can you share a link to the GoDaddy documentation that explains that requirement? You can put it between ` backticks ` to prevent it from being turned into a link in the post.

You mention creating NS records in your Cloudflare zobe. You don’t normally need to do that. Creating NS type records in your Cloudflare account is unusual and is only used when delegating a child zone to an external DNS provider.

Make sure that your _domainconnect CNAME is set to :grey: DNS Only. Proxied CNAMEs are published as A and AAAA records of the Cloudflare proxy which is not what you want with this CNAME.

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  1. Your domain is registered with GoDaddy and is using our nameservers: you’ll manage DNS settings in your GoDaddy account. ( NO )

  2. Your domain is not registered with GoDaddy, but is using “”“our nameservers”“”: you’ll manage DNS settings in your GoDaddy account. (YES)

So Cloudflare Name servers are added to Crazy Domains (tick)

I need to then point cloudflare to the DNS management…

which controls the domain, IP address and Records being… and the DNS management holds an

** NS record: Contains information about your nameservers. Use these records to identify which [nameservers] eg: point the domain to the correct hosting server.


No, you don’t “point Cloudflare to the DNS management” (whatever that means).

If the domain is using Cloudflare’s nameservers already as you say, then Cloudflare IS your DNS manager.

– If you want to use Cloudflare’s security and CDN services, then you need to use your Cloudflare DNS manager to add the appropriate DNS records to point to your hosting provider (your GoDaddy VPS IP address). Here’s the official documentation: Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs

– If you don’t want to use Cloudflare’s services at all, then you need to go to your domain registrar (Crazy Domains) and change the nameservers from Cloudflare to your hosting provider (GoDaddy). Note that doing this completely cuts Cloudflare out of the chain.


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