Crazy Domain asking for SSL requirements

Im not very savvy when it comes to this thing, so if anyone can tell me whats the ssl certificate theyre asking me to provide LOOKS like or a screenshot of it would be great.

Where did you get the certificate, and all the data you already provided them with (CSR and private key), from?

You may be able to use a Cloudflare origin cert (not familiar with the host, but most would support it).

from here cloudflare

You mean an origin certificate? In that case simply click the “Download” link next to your certificate, copy the entire block starting with “-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----”, and forward that to your host.

i actually sent that to them before they ask me for the SSL certificate. They first ask me for:
1.) CSR file generated from your hosting provider
2.) SERVER SOFTWARE used to generate the CSR
3.) Please confirm if example:“[email protected]” is fully functional. We will be using this for the Domain Control Validation.
Heres a screenshot:

The information they asked is typically necessary for issuing a certificate, as you already have a certificate you only need to provide them with the origin certicate Cloudflare issued.

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