Crawling by Search Console

Hello there,

A few weeks ago, when I ask Google to scan my website manually through Search Console, I got an error. If I activate the developer mode in Cloudflare, the error is solved, so my diagnosis is that something in my account is failing.

I have tried lowering the security level, but I get the same error. Also, I added the “Disallow: /cdn-cgi/” to my robots.txt

I have been using Cloudflare for years and I never had this problem before.

What can I do to fix it? it’s affecting my SEO.

I don’t have enough information from Search Console, only this screenshot:

Thank you very much.

Also, you can replicate the error in this URL:

I found that the module of Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) on Optimization was creating the problem. I turned it off and now Google can access to my website.

Do you know why this feature is creating this problem? any other possible solution to have this turned on without problems?


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This is a beta feature, still subject to errors as explicitly stated in the dashboard warning message. There are limitations on the use of this feature, you may want to check the Help link on the Dashboard, or read, by @eva2000, which is a quite comprehensive review of what SXG is and how it works.

Edit: Also, please note that:

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